Terms & Conditions

1. Business relationship & Price term

1.1 ) Jiangsu ONWLD Signs Co.,Ltd. established a professional, safe and fast online platform for online shopping and  off-line purchasing to products for wholsalersretalier and personal user. And if you have a website for online sales, we can drop ship for you. 
1.2 ) Retail business & prices:  www.neon-leds.com, the site runs for online shopping, the prices posted at site have included shipping cost to your door by Chinapost/UPS/FEDEX, so you are free to place order directly online and pay us by PAYPAL.
        1.2.1 ) MOQ for NEON SIGN: 1 sign to start.
        1.2.2 ) MOQ for LED SIGN: 5 signs to start.
1.3 ) Wholesale business & prices: www.neon-leds.cn, the site runs for off-line wholesale business, you can get all our products we made and pictures at this site,  then please give us all details of the signs ( ITEM CODE, QUANTITY, OR A SKETCH with your ideas) that you will order, then we will offer you a best wholesale price.
        1.3.1 ) MOQ for NEON SIGN: 5 signs per model and 35 signs in total or MIN ORDER VALUE $2500 in total that does not include shipping to start it.
        1.3.2 ) MOQ for LED SIGN: 50 signs per model and 100 signs in total or MIN ORDER VALUE $2500 in total that does not include shipping to start it.
        1.3.3 ) MOQ for NEON CLOCK: 20 clocks per model and 200 clocks in total or MIN ORDER VAULE $2500 in total that does not include shipping to start it.  
        1.3.4 ) MOQ for light box: 50 units per model and 100 units in total or MIN ORDER VAULE $4500 in total that does not include shipping to start it.  
1.4 ) If you would like like to make customized sign, we need to adjust the price as request.

2. Payment & Delivery

2.1 ) Payment: We take Bank transfer  , T/T, Credit card and Paypal as payment for BULK ORDER, A SMALL ORDER and 1 SIGN, we only accept paypal for small order and 1 sign by our online store website.
2.2 ) Delivery:
2.2.1) Delivery for retail business:
        For USA/CA/Mexico, 20-45 days, normally in 28 days to door by CHINAPOST/UPS/FEDEX, DDP term, 60 days guaranteed.
        For EUROPE, 25-45 days, nomally in 30 days to door by CHINAPOST/UPS/FEDEX, DDP term, 60 days guaranteed.
        For AUSTRALIA, 28-50 days, normaly in 35 days to door by CHINAPOST, DDP term, 65 days guaranteed.
        For JAPAN/KOREA/VIETNAM/THAILAND/PHILIPPINES, 10-25 days, normally in 20 days to door by CHINAPOST, DDP term, 35 days guaranteed. 
2.2.2) Delivery for wholesale business
           15-35 days by SEA, EXW/FOB/CFR/CIF. ( 15-18 days to USA, CA, AU, 20-25 DAYS TO EU)
            2-4 days by AIR, EXW/FOB/CFR/CIF.

3. Backing Optional:

We used "Backing" for Neon Sign such as  Metal frame Backing, Pure Black Acrylic Panel Backing, Pure Black PVC Panel BackingPure Black Acrylic Panel Backing +Metal FramePure Black PVC Panel Backing+Metal Frame, and Metal Can Backing.  Below are some photos of sample for reference. ( PS:  PVC panel backing is lighter in weight than Acrylic panel backing, Acrylic panel looks more high-grade than PVC panel and Acrylic panel is more expensive than PVC panel).
3.1 ) Metal Frame Backing
Metal Frame Backing
The Back of Metal Frame

3.2 ) Optional: "Pure Black Acrylic Panel Backing"  or  "Pure Black PVC Panel Backing"
Black Acrylic Panel Backing

3.3 )  Optional : "Black Acrylic Panel Backing + Metal Frame" or "Black PVC Panel Backing + Metal Frame" (with UV Printing live Background )
>Acrylic Panel and Metal Frame Backing

3.4 )
"Black Acrylic Panel Backing + Metal Frame" or "Black PVC Panel Backing + Metal Frame" (without background)
Acrylic Panel Backing -2

3.5 ) Metal Can Backing ( with UV Printing live Background)
Metal Can Backing

4. The frame for Led Signs

We used injection molding ABS frameassembly PVC frame for Normal Led Sign and we used full injection molding ABS body for Led Neon Sign, some samples below for reference
4.1 ) Injection Molding ABS frame - Optional Sizes: 22"x13"x1.6" and 16.5"x8.7"x1.6"
Injection Molding ABS frame

4.2 ) Injection Molding ABS frame - Small size: 16"x7"x1.6"
Injection Molding ABS frame-2

4.3 )
Injection Molding ABS frame Oval Shape Size: 23"x14"x1.6"
Injection Molding ABS frame Oval Shape

4.4 )
Injection Molding ABS frame - Square shape size: 16"x16"x1.6"
Injection Molding ABS frame - Square shape

4.5 ) Injection Molding ABS frame - Rectangle shape size: 18"x21"x1.6"
Injection Molding ABS frame Rectangle shape

4.6 ) Assembly PVC frame size: 11"x24"x1.2" or customized sizes as demands
Assembly PVC frame

5. Packing Term:

We used standard exporting packing for neon sign and led sign, airmail worthy and sea worthy.
5.1 ) For Neon Sign:
Double cartons with foam or double cartons with foam fitted by a wooden frame case, airmail worthy, sea worthy.
packing sample for neon sign

5.2 ) For Led Sign:
Doube cartons with foam. airmail worthy, sea worthy
Packing sample for Led Sign

6. Damage Guaranteed

6.1 ) The damage rate is less than 2%, and we support 100% undamage guaranteed service, that means once you received the broken sign, please don't worry about it, to make a picture of damaged parts by return, we will send you the replacement part for free, and we will tell you how to install the part, it is very easy.
6.2 ) The damages by any reasons, for any complains from buyer must be reported to us within 72 hours after goods receipt and at the same time, please issued a claim to carrier, we will solve any problem according to the real situation.

7. Warranty of Quality

7.1 ) We support 2 years of warranty limited for neon sign and led sign.
7.2 )  For neon sign, even if it overed the time of warranty, we also offer you affortable repair service, we have the drawing for each sign, like below a sample.

drawing of neon sign

8. Returning Goods

If the items that you bought are not meet  your purchase purpose.(items without any quality problem ), please issued a return request to us within 3 business days after receipt of items, coming with original package and unused. Buyer will pay all costs for the returning until the items reach us. Then we will process a refund of full payment. noted once a return was issued by buyer, please complete the form " https://neon-leds.com/index.php?route=account/return/insert " ,We reserved all rights for returning solutions and damage solutions.

We don't accept the return if the item was damaged during shipping, but we do 100% undamage guaranteed that is we will send replacement parts to buyer without costs from buyer, and we also will guide buyer how to install the parts to the item, then the item will work well again.