a. Are you a factory of neon and led sign ? How long of quality warranty do you support ?

Yes, we open this factory for neon and led sign from 1998.
We support real 2 years of quality warranty

b. What kinds of payment do you take?

We take Paypal for online retail business and take Bank Transfer and Wire Transfer for wholesale business.

c. Do you have any guarantee if sign damaged during shipping?

Yes, we have,we support 100% undamage guaranteed, if sign damaged during shipping, we will send replacement parts free of charge and we pay for freight and we will guide buyer to install this parts, it is so easy, then sign will work well again.

d. May i get a refund if sign is ugly and poor quality? May i get a refund if sign was damaged during shipping ?

Yes, you will get a refund if you received ugly and poor quality sign. Our sign was 100% good quality and will be tested for 48 hours before ship.  No, you would not get a refund if it was damaged during shipping, but we will send replacement parts, the sign will work again and free of charge for all.

e. Which countries do you sell currently?

All over the world

f. Do you support "drop ship" service.

Yes, we support it.

g. Can i bargain for changing prices posted on website ?

No, for sample order and small order the postd price at the website is our best retail price. Then if you will have big quantity, contact us freely for wholesale price.

h. Can i make custom neon or custom led sign ?

Yes, you can, give us your ideas or pictures we will design for free.

i. May i have a wholesale price?

Yes, you will have a wholesale price, if it comes with a good quantity, contact support@neon-leds.com

j. What is the product time and what is the delivery time ?

Product time: about 5-8 days for small order and a sample, 20-40 days for a large quantity order.
Delivery time: 15- 30 days by Chinapost to door all over the world for more please delivery schedule please read our term page.

k. Can i get professional repair after quality warranty time and how much is it ?

Yes, you will get affordable repair service after quality warranty time.